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Eye Hospital "Luxor"

Specialized Eye Hospital for Active Treatment Luxor Ltd was established in 2004 in Plovdiv. We are licensed by the Ministry of Health. Our scope of activity includes diagnostics, treatment and surgery of eye diseases, as well as scientific work. Eye Clinic Luxor – Plovdiv performs laser correction of nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism with the latest, precise and safe technology.

The hospital is specialized in surgical treatment of diseases of the anterior segment of the eye – laser vision correction, cataract, glaucoma, pediatric eye diseases, surgery of lids and lacrimal apparatus, facial esthetics. In 2008 the Clinic introduces quality management system and is certified with ISO 9001: 2008, thus meeting all the applicable European standards. We are accredited for the maximum period of five years with excellent score for the overall medical service.

On the premises of Eye Clinic Luxor – Plovdiv, there are 7 doctor’s offices for diagnostics and treatment of eye diseases, two surgery rooms equipped with cutting-edge technology from leading ophthalmological companies from America and Europe. The Clinic has 10 rooms for resting and accommodation after surgeries of anterior and posterior eye segment.

Eye Clinic Luxor combines modern interior, latest technologies and dedicated experts with long experience in different areas of the ophthalmology, who with their high competence, maximum precision and responsibility improve the vision of their patients. More than 30 000 patients trust our professionalism each year.

In 2008 the Clinic started working with laser eye correction technology, used by Dr Dimitar Taskov and his team to provide many people with normal vision. Over the years, the laser technology in the Clinic is constantly upgraded and improved, and today we work with Alcon LenSx Laser System and Carl-Zeiss MEL 80 Excimer Laser – the latest laser equipment.

Eye Clinic Luxor is part of the group of eye hospitals, which includes Specialized Eye Hospital for Active Treatment – SEHAT Luxor, Plovdiv and SEHAT Dr Taskov, Targovishte. SEHAT Dr Taskov was established in 2008 in the town of Targovishte, as it is successor of Medical Center Dr Taskov, established in 1998 by Dr Dimitar Taskov. The new three-storey building of SEHAT Dr Taskov has 2 modern surgery rooms, 5 outpatient offices and 50 hospital beds. It is equipped with the latest technology for diagnostics and treatment of eye diseases. The hospital is given excellent accreditation score for overall medical service.

About Luxor

Lead team

The team of Eye Clinic Luxor and Eye Hospital Luxor Plovdiv consists of highly qualified experts with long experience in the ophthalmology

Dr. Iskra Shishkova


Dr. Vanya Tomova


Dr. Milena Gadeva


Dr. Nina Stoyanova


Dr. Vesela Mitkova


Dr. Milen Marmarov


Dr. Elena Koleva


Dr. Ivanina Raycheva


Dr. Ivanka Bogdanova


Dr. Rositsa Nikolova


Dr. Sonya Djurelova



The team of Eye Clinic Luxor and Eye Hospital Luxor Plovdiv consists of highly qualified experts with long experience in the ophthalmology


We diagnose and treat over 30 000 patients each year

  • Ivan and Zheny Lechevi Ivan and Zheny Lechevi
    Ivan and Zheny Lechevi
    "The sooner you decide to do it, the better."
    "No more difficulties with daily activities. I am in perfect shape now."
    "Everything now is a lot easier. I have no more problems with work or sports like swimming. Life is better without glasses."
  • Radomir
    "Now I don’t have problems in professional aspect. I see the world with new eyes!"
    "I am very pleased. I see everything – near and far. Everything is perfect."
    "I feel great one week after the surgery."
  • Zornitsa
    "I see perfect, without any unpleasant sensation. It was wonderful and still is!"
    "I am very pleased by the hospital and the whole staff. I will recommend it to all my friends."
    "I feel very good and recommend the procedure to everybody who has this problem."
  • Todor
    "I recovered in 2-3 day, after than my vision started only to improve."
    "I cannot believe that after wearing glasses and lenses my whole life, now I can be a normal person."
    "Every day my vision gets better, despite the fact that I had serious problem – 6+ dioptres."


We perform Femto-LASIK with three high-tech systems – Alcon LenSx Laser System (a femtosecond laser), Carl-Zeiss MEL 80 Laser System (excimer laser) and Carl-Zeiss CRS-Master

  • Femtosecond laser Alcon LenSx Femtosecond laser Alcon LenSx

    The fastness, precision and safety of the latest technology for laser vision correction, are among the undeniable advantages when you choose Femto-LASIK procedure at Eye Hospital Luxor. Ever since the laser surgery was first introduced in our Clinic, almost 10 years ago, until now, we constantly invest in the lest equipment in order to further improve to the smallest detail each laser procedure.

    We perform Femto-LASIK with two high-tech laser systems – Alcon LenSx Laser System (a femtosecond laser) and Carl-Zeiss MEL 80 Laser System (excimer laser). Alcon LenSx Laser System is used for precise preliminary laser preparation of the eyes, for the actual removal the dioptres for nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.

    This type of laser is called femtosecond laser. It is an infrared laser with wavelength 1053 nm, which works by producing photodisruption or photoionization of the optically transparent tissue such as the cornea. The principle of operation consists of generation of a rapidly expanding cloud of free electrons and ionized molecules. The acoustic shock wave results in desired effect on the treated tissue.

    The pulse waves, produced by the femtosecond laser have duration in the range of femtoseconds (10-15 second), making the femtosecond laser 106 times more sparing than other lasers used in ophthalmology (i.e. Nd:YAG laser). Thus it is safe for application in the eye surgery.

  • Laser system Carl-Zeiss MEL 80 Laser system Carl-Zeiss MEL 80

    Carl-Zeiss – MEL 80 is one of the latest and most precise systems for laser correction of the vision. The company has worldwide recognition as a leading manufacturer of optical medical and surgical equipment. MEL 80 Laser System is an excimer laser, and is used for the actual correction of the eye. It emits rays in a certain part of the ultraviolet spectrum (192 nm), which do not have thermal effect and do not damage the tissues. Another important characteristics, is its precision. Each leaser pulse effects only 0,25 microns of corneal tissue (1/4000 of the millimeter), and for correction of 1 dioptre are modified only 14 microns of corneal tissue.

    As far as the safety is concerned, MEL 80 Laser System has improved eye-tracker system, faster than any eye movement. If necessary, the tracker adjusts the laser beams according to the eye movements, which provides for absolutely optimal correction.

    Each laser correction is preceded by a thorough examination and tests with specialized equipment, which can measure very precisely the necessary eye parameters. We use Carl-Zeiss CRS-Master for personalized diagnostics and treatment planning of the laser correction.

  • Carl-Zeiss CRS-Master Carl-Zeiss CRS-Master

    Carl-Zeiss CRS-Master combines the data obtained from the two high-tech diagnostic devices – topographer ATLAS 9000 and aberrometer WASCA Analyser. With ATLAS 9000, the cornea is visualized as a map, similar to the geographic maps with mountains, valleys and seas, which determine its relief as optical power. WASCA Analyser captures very precisely the impression of the refractive power of the eye in each of its segments.

    It is highly individual for each person (like the fingerprint) and gives the most precise information about the optical power of the eye. CRS-Master is a software, which combines the information from these two devices with the other preliminary tests, allowing the preparation of individual treatment plan – individualized laser correction of the vision for all our patients.

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